What to expect

Our accommodation consists of warm and inviting homes which can accommodate single occupancy or two to four young people. Each young person has their own private bedroom. All of the bedrooms are fully furnished including a single bed, bedding, a set of drawers and a wardrobe. All other facilities are communal to facilitate social activities and wellbeing - the living room has comfortable seating, a TV and Broadband amongst other homely decorations.  


Our kitchens are fully equipped with a range of cooking equipment; cooker; microwave, kettle, toaster, white goods (washing machine, fridge) and dining room table and chairs to encourage eating together socially.


All new admissions will be provided with a toiletry and food starter pack. 


The accommodation is usually near bus routes/train stations and local education provisions. 


The accommodation at Key Directions should be considered for young people moving towards independence but who still require a level of support. It may also be beneficial for young people who do not want to be in accommodation with a large number of other young people. 


We have a separate area at the Hub for young people to access the Internet and printer, to allow young people to study and research. Where required each home has a separate sleep in room for staff who may need to work within the home. All bathrooms will have bath, shower or both and everyone supports each other to make sure it is cleaned regularly. We try, in each property, to have a low maintenance garden so we can grow vegetables or have barbeques in the summer.


NB:  Our accommodation services allow no overnight guests and there is an expectation that young people return at a stipulated time at night.