What's provided

Here at Key Directions we are fully committed to ensuring the support services provided really do work.

The support services provided:

  • Accommodation which is stable, well maintained, furnished to a high standard and overseen by our in house maintenance team

  • Positive relationship building with peers, family, professionals, friends and significant others

  • A tailored and bespoke independent living programme, including home management and budgeting 

  • Accommodation available 365 days a year 

  • Bespoke support packages

  • Support hours dependent on individual needs

  • Assistance to register with local health providers including signposting to the local services and additional support including counselling; drug and alcohol; sexuality, sexual health; anger management and self- harm

  • Offer advice, guidance and encouragement to access education, employment and training

  • Assistance with future housing to work towards a seamless transition

  • Positive communication with service providers and the community

  • Qualification registration support and guidance

  • Financial advice 

  • Access to advocacy services

  • Provide information and guidance on self-care and personal hygiene

  • Emotional development and resilience support sessions

  • Travel training and general work-based expectations

  • Support in joining the Care Leavers Association as appropriate and a national voice for peer support and guidance