Process and criteria

Referrals and admissions can occur throughout the year…. So what is our assessment process and criteria?

Assessment process and criteria


Admission is based on us being able to meet the needs contained within a referral. We also need to assess how we can meet any additional needs, which may not be explicit, to ensure that all social, health and welfare needs can be appropriately met. We will gather as much information as possible from sources such as the pathway plan, previous placement information, reports from the young person’s current school, college or other training provider, medical reports, risk assessments, and any health and care plans that may already be in place.

We will then arrange to meet the young person pre-placement. These visits will normally occur where the young person is currently living, or at our Hub, with the intention of discussing the placement. Based on the outcomes of our initial meeting and provisional risk assessment we will finalise the support plan and expectations. 

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We recognise that young people with emotional, behavioural and complex requirements need compassionate, fully trained staff to be able to support them with any challenges. We always carry out compatibility assessments to gauge the likely effects or potential risks for the new admission with our existing group of young people, and the likely impact of those young people’s needs for all individuals living in the home. 


We recognise sometimes things don’t work out and we are willing to help the young person move, more than once if needed, to find the right environment with Key Directions. Young people who find it difficult to live with others are less likely to be appropriately placed in our group living environments and may require more individualised living and support plans.

The placement agreement plan will set out the level of support provided, house rules, expectations around behaviour and any other requirements relating to the accommodation. 


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