At the heart of Key Directions is our belief about students and educational best practice.


These beliefs shape how we create learning experiences, how we support our students and the high expectations we have for everyone.


Our practice is anchored in our beliefs.

We believe that…


All students with special educational needs can learn, achieve and be an active partner responsible for their education and achievements.

All members of the school and wider community have the right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times.

The development of children and young people is essential - each student brings a unique experience and perspective into the school community, which must be valued at all times. Every student is entitled to receive the highest expectations to achieve their potential.

Families must be fully informed partners in the education of their children and young people.

Every child and young person with special educational needs has the right to access and benefit from resources of the highest quality. The school curriculum should be broad, balanced, challenging and relevant to each student’s individual needs and nurture a lifelong desire to learn.

Positive self identity is crucial for achievement and success throughout an individual’s life, therefore, embracing diversity, mutual respect, tolerance and care for one another is embedded within all aspects of the schools

Strong partnerships between students, staff, families, other professionals and community members is fundamental for the development of children and young people. Students need to be supported and guided to make choices in their behaviour and understand the consequences and the effect and impact they have on others.