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Key Directions support young people by encouraging them to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to achieve their aspirations. This may be returning to education, finding meaningful work or making new friendships through developing opportunities for young people transitioning to adulthood through supported accommodation. 


We know good accommodation and support underpins success in other areas of life.  Young people need somewhere safe and suitable to live to help them make a positive transition into adulthood. 

Our services will support local authorities and other organisations to increase the outcomes for young people, including unaccompanied people seeking asylum.  We recognise many young people may need same-day accommodation for various reasons and so we are able to consider all applications. 

We support our young people to start their journey towards independence using a step-by-step approach ensuring a smooth transition into adulthood. 

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We provide safe and high quality accommodation in which our young people can develop and enhance their independent skills.  Our young people are supported to achieve positive outcomes enabling them to make informed life choices.  We assess each young person to determine their needs which will inform an individual support plan. 


Personalised support plans are developed with a focus on both short and long term goals. 

We appreciate young people face many challenges, we help with these challenges by providing advice, flexible support and encouragement to meet the needs of each young person. In each of our regions, we have a Hub for young people to come along and meet daily.


We work with each young person to support them to fulfil their potential, maintain their stability and build life skills which they can apply in daily life and positively prepare them for the future. We recognise for some young people managing their past and building confidence are just as important as making plans for their future.

By working collaboratively with the young person we enable them to:

  • Build, on arrival, a solid platform to create a safe, secure foundation

  • Acknowledge their past, develop and find their identity and define their future plans

  • Build appropriate skills for their continued journey

  • Know when they need to seek additional external support and how to do this

  • Maximise their capabilities and choices, enabling control over their own lives

  • Flourish in their home

  • Be a good neighbour and live independently as part of the community

  • Continue pursuing positive social, economic and health outcomes when they leave our support

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