Every challenge, every adversity contains within it the seeds of opportunity for growth

Hands with seeds

Welcome to Key Directions where we

Belong,  Believe,  Achieve

We are pleased and excited to show you around how we positively support children and young people whether in supported accommodation, education or alternative education services.  


All children and young people are encouraged to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to achieve their aspirations.  This may be in supported accommodation, education, returning to education, or in an alternative education provision or making new friendships through developing new opportunities for young people transitioning into the next stage of their journey. We know good education, homes and support underpins success in other areas of life. We understand that children and young people flourish when they are supported by caring individuals and have somewhere safe and suitable to call home, learn, grow and develop. 


We are an organisation that is constantly learning. We are constantly driving service delivery, development and improvement through a range of strategies and have a number of core support strands:



We believe that all children and young people we work with, regardless of their background or circumstances, should have a happy and fulfilled life.  We want all children and young people to achieve their highest potential and by enjoying school/college and where they are able to experience learning, belonging, growing and achieving so they make positive transitions in life and enter adulthood ready and willing to be confident and active citizens.

Post 16 Supported Accommodation


Key Directions offers high quality accommodation and a wraparound service to young people aged 16 to 25 years, who may require additional support encouraging them to focus on their strengths and build positive support networks to achieve their potential.